Day 30

3 thoughts on “Day 30

  1. Anna says:

    Thanks for the 30 Day Challenge! I really have enjoyed it and will continue to do so!

  2. Madelyn Bauerla says:

    This has been awesome! My accountability partner almost lost her life, my cousin was lost in a storm, and my moms car died completley. But i still did it! thx 4 putin up these videos! if i ever need help, i sure will contact you! luv yall soooo much

  3. Lilly says:

    thanks! i was inspired to start writing prayer cards and sticking them in people’s lockers just to let them know that i am encouraging them and i didnt write my name on them… thats just a little something that this challenge kinda inspired me to do so just wanted to let you know i am glad for these cards and may be passing them on to another friend sometime soon!(:

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