Have Some Resolve!

So you’ve attended the 1-1-1 Conference and have seen the importance of purity, but still have those doubts that are creeping around in the back of your mind. Oh, don’t get me wrong; you don’t doubt the importance of purity, but you just can’t help wondering whether or not you can actually live this kind of pure life that the Bible talks about. After all, purity is not being widely endorsed by our culture, and it is not exactly the “cool” way to live according to most of your peers. So, how can you make sure that this is not just another “camp decision” that is forgotten about months down the road?

Making a decision is the first step to living a life of purity, but it takes more than just a decision to keep purity a priority. This kind of life also takes resolve! In Daniel 1:8, the Bible says that Daniel “purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king’s meat.” Although most of his peers were compromising their diet, Daniel had resolved to do right! Daniel didn’t care what other people were doing or how much pressure he faced to compromise; he was passionate about remaining pure in his relationship with God!

In order to have the same kind of resolve that Daniel did when it comes to purity, there are a few things you must always remember to do. First, you must consistently review what the Bible says about purity. There are a lot of Scriptures that deal with this topic and God wants them to be a weapon for you to use. Remember how Jesus fought temptation in the wilderness? He quoted Scripture! Psalm 119: 11 says, “Thy Word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.” You heard a lot of great messages and verses at the conference. Take those verses and use them as part of your arsenal to remain pure.

Second, you must continually remind yourself about the decision you made at the 1-1-1 Conference. Write the decision down in your Bible. Hang it on the wall in your room. Have somebody keep you accountable. Tattoo it on your forehead (just kidding). Do something that will help you continually remember the decision that you made! As humans we are prone to forgetting things. That’s why God had the Israelites set up 12 stones as memorials when they crossed the Jordan River. Years down the road they would need a reminder about what God had done. To have resolve, you must not forget about your decision!

Finally, you must constantly request God’s help! You are not in the purity battle alone! God has given you the Holy Spirit to come alongside you and help you as you strive to remain pure. Although many people in your life may not understand or stand with you, God is there to help you obtain victory in this area. The world, our flesh, and the devil are mighty foes to battle against, but with God’s help you can overcome. Be relentless about doing the right thing and don’t engage in this battle alone! Constantly call out to God and request His help.

Without resolve, Daniel may not have been able to stand strong against the pressures of compromise. The same is true for you! There may be doubts rolling around in your head right now about how you can remain pure, but those doubts can be squelched with a little resolve! There’s a lot at stake in this battle, so “purpose” in your heart that you will not defile yourself! Resolve that you will remain pure!

–Youth Pastor Justin Gailey
Calvary Baptist Church, Ashland, OH

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